Mini Doula Services

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Conscious Conception Chat

Both of my babies were consciously conceived, so I’d like to think I know a little bit about preparing to make a baby! I’m not a health professional and cannot/will not give medical advice, but I can help you with the emotional, logistical, and spiritual side of baby-making and preparing for it. We’ll discuss opening up the lines of communication with your partner so you’re both ready for a new life to enter your world, emotionally preparing for pregnancy/birth/parenthood, releasing any fears you have around conception and everything that comes afterwards, suggesting some fertility rituals you can practice, and even recommendations for ovulation tests, cycle tracking apps, and health professionals who can support you. I’m here to be the third wheel on your baby-making journey (but will not enter the bedroom with you!). ⁣⁣

Birth Mapping Session

Together we’ll discuss what is important to you for your upcoming birth, and put together a Birth Map for you to share with your birth team. A Birth Map is a list of your informed decisions about a few different possible birth pathways – The Fast Birth Pathway, The Expected Pathway, and The Contingency Pathway. These pathways look different for every person. I can help you understand your options, and help you make the decisions that are right for you and your family. Not what’s right for me or your mother in law or Susan down the street – what’s right for YOU. We’ll work together to create your Birth Map using the framework from the book “The Birth Map” by Catherine Bell.

Postpartum Party Planning Session

Okay, so we won’t be planning an actual party, but we will be planning an incredibly important time in your life that is often forgotten about in the haze of preparing for birth and a new baby. We’ll talk about how you feel about visitors, the boundaries you want/need to set, how you want to be supported, and how to prepare a space that will make your life so much easier!⁣⁣

Birth Debrief

Maybe your birth didn’t quite go the way you’d hoped, or you just want to talk to someone who wasn’t there about what happened and piece things together. I’ll be there to hold space for you to get it all out into the open and help process your feelings about your birth, whatever they may be. ⁣⁣You don’t have to be immediately postpartum to debrief your birth, either – you can debrief a birth from 10 years ago if you still need help processing it.

In-Home Doula Date

No matter where you are in parenthood, we all need support once in a while. Whether you’re nauseous and tired in your first trimester, sore and exhausted in your third trimester, having trouble keeping your shit together after your partner has gone back to work after their parental leave, you have an older baby or toddler who is teething and won’t sleep, or anything in between, I’m here for you! If you’re in Perth, I will come to your house and help out with whatever you need – cleaning, cooking, caring for your baby/older children while you rest, or even just some company. You can book these sessions one at a time as you need them, or a few at a time. Just contact me, tell me what you need, and we’ll work it out. ⁣⁣

Each of these sessions usually lasts around 2 hours, can be either in person or virtual (except the In-Home Doula Date, of course – that is obviously in person), depending on where you live and what your schedule is like. If you live or would like to meet more than 30 minutes from Spearwood (in Western Australia), a small additional travel fee will be charged, just to cover my travel costs.

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